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- En France : FR76 4255 9000 1841 0200 0598 434 (Nima’s Children)



- En Suisse : CH88 0900 0000 1267 4031 4 (Nima’s Children)


- En Belgique : BE77 3631 4050 4742 - BIC : BBRUBEBB (Nima’s Children Belgium)

L'association en Belgique

The Belgium side of the association is very new and was created at the beginning of 2014.

It started with 6 of us who have got together to support the French association for the benefit of the Nepalese foundation.


Our mission is to provide Nima’s children with financial support as well as technical and educational assistance to help Nima’s children developing a better life and reaching their full potential.

We believe that every child has the right to an education, and that it is through education that we will all evolve towards a better world.


Concretely, our focus is on :

-          Finding regular sponsors who will contribute to the financing of the chlidren’s needs in the foundation.

-          Finding occasional sponsors who will contribute to projects for children such as the financing of specific educational programs after high school to learn a job or financing the first children’s holidays. We would like to take the children to Chitwan national park for 3 days/2nights.


Nima’s Children :

Belgium : IBAN : BE77 3631 4050 4742  - BIC : BBRUBEBB – Nima’s children Belgium.


Contact us in Belgium : namaste@nimaschildren.com